Monday, November 12, 2007

The Blond Lives To Tell The Tale!

Students--many of you have wondered about your absentee teacher. Had she abandoned you? Your emails and pleas for blog help have not gone unnoticed by me, but truth be told, your sassy, blondalicious teacher has been dealing with a major health crisis!

And during this crisis, my funny bone was broken. I couldn't even find it it was so broken. However, I know I'm on my way back from pushing up daisies because I've discovered my funny bone/muse again tucked away in the strangest place (but that's another long story), and friends and family have me laughing once again. This is a good sign.

My lifestyle has changed. Instead of drinking Cristal, I'm drinking pomegranate kefir. No more late nights either. Petting my cat is my main form of exercise. Sometimes I add up all the monies spent on doctor's bills, meds, and other healing aids for kicks.

The primary reason I'm posting is to let all of you, my adorable students, know that soon I'll be back in my thigh-high black silk boots to kick some blog ass!!! If you don't subscribe to Blog-Blond (as you well should!), you can learn about my updates as I'll post them on Twitter.

I want ya'll to know what a stand-up fellow Blog-Bloke is as he offered to post for me while I've been away, so a great big shout-out and a rousing applause should go to him. However, I didn't take him up on his kind offer because I felt it would be too much of an imposition.

And how do you like this post, Mr. ""?

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