Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Three Biggest Blog Lessons I Learned In 2007

My dearest (remaining) class members, I have three valuable insights to impart to you in these remaining days of 2007, and I'm titling this post: The Three Biggest Blog Lessons I Learned In 2007. Listen UP!

1. The Only Sure Thing Is Change

Blogs come and go. Some of my favorite bloggers moved on this year to paying gigs. This made me a trifle sad because I really enjoyed their blogs, and yet I've learned there is a time for blogging, and a time for earning!

Page Ranks come and go. Readership comes and goes. Popularity comes and goes. You can bet your sweet a$$ that at some point you too will COME and go! C'est la vie!

So my hard-earned lesson which I learned when pneumonia sidelined me this year and my Alexa ranking went down, down, down, and my readership dropped, and comments became few and far between is this: don't get too hung-up on your blogs. After all, they are merely BLOGS! Of much more importance is your health, your relationships, and your peace of mind.

2. Blog Buddies Are Priceless

During my Blog Down Days (B.D.D.), receiving an email from one of them checking-up on me was absolutely priceless and made my day! People prove who they really are when you're down and out. These special people are the icing on the cake! So take the time to GROW some real blog buddies. They will prove to be the REAL reason you are blogging....and not because you have a fantasy of earning substantial income from your blogs. 2007 was the year many bloggers likely learned this lesson too!

3. Practice Makes Perfect

If you keep posting, you will notice that your fingers hit the right keys on your keyboard with more accuracy, right? You will notice that you find your blog voice, right? You will notice that some days you're on and some days you're off, right? Some days your muse is with you, and at other times, she has run off to Brazil with the pool boy, right?

KEEP PRACTICING! Eventually, you will find your stride, your rhythm, and your way through the B.D.D. Blogging is more than anything a practice....an offering to the Crazy Blog Gods which demonstrate your willingness to share yourself with the world. You WILL perfect your blog game if you're disciplined and diligent.

So Mr. "Humor-Blogs.com"
I hope you're having a festive and fun season.

Remaining Class Pervs: Your Blondalicious Teacher Loves You! Happy Holy Daze!

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  • Blogger Trée posted at Sunday, December 23, 2007  
    Have to agree with your lessons. Been blogging for three years and I've seen more bloggers come and go than I care to admit. I've also made some great friends in the process. One post at a time. Happy Holidays.
  • Blogger Debbie Dolphin posted at Monday, December 24, 2007  
    I hope you are 110% healthy?

    Hopefully, "health, relationships, and peace of mind," is the first commandment in our every venture including Blogging!

    Speaking of Blogs coming and going, there has been several times when I was on the Blogging Brink and ready to sink! With all the Blogging BS in the Blogosphere, it can be rough and tough to weather every storm in our Blogging Boats.

    Sometimes a change of Blogging Scenery like diving off the Blogger Boat into the bay of WordPress can recharge our Blogging Batteries to weather another season!

    Happy Holidays and a healthy wealthy fun New Year,
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