Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mentor Me With Care

Class: I've received this beautiful BLOGGING MENTOR award from Sue of Blogging Sueblimely who created it with the idea of honoring our blogging mentors. Since I feel so strongly about this subject, I have to pull myself out of hiding/partying/goofing-off/healing (take your pick!) and pass this beautiful, snazzy award onto others who've mentored me.

I'm going to include those that have pestered me to get back into the blog game, those that have inspired me, and those that are such characters that I've got zero clue as to what drives them. They're forces of nature on the blogosphere.

A note before I get started listing these bloggers is: beginning on January 30th, there will be a HUGE blog dinner party carnival all over the blogosphere, and were it not for Kilroy, I probably would have been a slacker and not contributed. But he's such a sweet pest, I couldn't resist, and so some of my blog posts are included in this upcoming carnival.

This Carnival will be an on-going event, and so if you'd like to get your posts into the next one for February, sign-up by entering your posts now. Go to Kilroy's blog and follow the crumbs to the carnival. As I don't need to tell you AGAIN (thwack, thwack!), the more you get around and promote your blogs, eventually you'll find a good readership for your blogs.

Read Kilroy's excellent post on this subject by clicking here.

My honorees:

Fresh Perspectives
RennyBA's Terella
Kilroy The Gonzo Papers
Barcelona Photoblog
Life In The Fast Lane
Blog Bloke
Billion Dollar Baloney
Maui Girls' Meanderings

Mr. "Humor-Blogs.com": what about you? Do you have mentors?

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Memed Again!

Class: I confess I've become a slacker teacher. I just can't seem to find my old edge and desire to teach and boss you around like I once did. Were it not for blog buddies, I might disappear into the anti-blogosphere (or maybe a parallel blogosphere). However, there is always at least one of you that always pulls me back to post again.

This time it's Mimi from Mimi Writes who tagged me for the Love-Hate Meme. And since she's the Blog Queen, I must obey! I can play submissive every now and then...

1. I LOVE TO EAT: Eggs Benedict for breakfast.

2. I HATE TO EAT: smiling cupcakes!

3. I LOVE TO GO: to the horse races. And place a bet or two. OR THREE!
4. I HATE TO GO: hang out with the polar bears. There's not enough ice left for all of us, plus it's way too cold for my hot blood. Brrr!

5. I LOVE IT WHEN: I'm invited to a forest, faery dance on the Full Moon. The faeries really know how to party!
6. I HATE IT WHEN: I'm not smelling roses. I love the fragrance from REAL roses, not hot-house roses that don't smell!
7. I LOVE TO SEE: my reflection. What would I do without mirrors? I'd have to RETURN to checking myself out in water again?! OMG!

8. I HATE TO SEE: photos and stories about cruelty to others, especially peaceful, loving monks!
9. I LOVE TO HEAR: I've got a gift from you....and I open the box to see a beautiful ring which of course is one of those diamonds that is "an ecologically and socially responsible jewelry alternative" from Green Karat. There's nothing as alluring as one who's generous, aware, and fair. 10. I HATE TO HEAR:

And I am tagging:

Dirty Bitch Society
Olga The Traveling Bra
Billion Dollar Baloney

And don't forget to check out "Humor-Blogs.com"!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Band Meme Plays On

Class: I've always liked people that are OUT THERE-- ya know those who are unusual, a tad eccentric, artistic, courageous and creative.

And Olga The Traveling Bra is definitely OUT THERE in a BIG way if ya know what I mean.

So since she tagged me for this band meme, I gotta play along...because it's THE Famous Olga, the traveling bra and the ONLY traveling bra I know.

I'm copying the way this meme works from her page...hope she doesn't mind. Naw, since SHE designed the album cover for me, I'm sure she won't mind! But I'll put it in quotes--just in case!

"Here's the deal:
The Band Meme
You are about to have your own band and create it's album cover!
Follow these directions to the letter.
It's fun and requires no thought at all.
Go to......
The first article title on the page is the name of your band.
2. http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3
The last four words of the very last quote is the
title of your album.
3. http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days/
The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
4. Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together and
make your band's album cover."

And Ta Da! Here is mine!

Since you can't run out and buy my music, you can at least pass the meme on. Remember a meme isn't deadly like a virus, so it won't hurt anyone. I plan to do a sneak attack on some new blogs I discovered and tag them, but since they don't know your Blondalicious Teacher yet, they may go, "Say What?! Who is this Blog-Blond weirdo?!" But I'm gonna do it anyway plus hit on some of my golden oldie blog buddies too. Gotta share the L-O-V-E! Don't you agree, Mr. "Humor-Blogs.com"?

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Where Does Your Blog Go When You Die?

Class: I'm still in the world of the living!

Never fear. I'll always come back here. I like to crack the whip too much...trust me!

As a matter of fact, every day since December 28, 2007, I remind myself: "I must return to my class!", and then other things require my attention, and before you know it, I've once again successfully procrastinated posting. I drink yet another glass of Cristal and promptly repress my guilt.

The amount of repressed guilt over my posting procrastination has grown and grown. Even when I receive so many prestigious blog awards (which I usually toss into the Blog Blond Media Center after profusely thanking whomever for giving me the award), I keep myself busy doing a gadzillion other FUN things.

Until today.

And here's why:

I received yet another FAB blog award (Part Deux) from the Dirty Bitch Society, and all of a sudden, it struck me that your very own blondalicious teacher's blog, Blog-Blond, has been perceived and/or categorized as...ahem, a SEX blog!


I never imagined in all my kinkiest blog fantasies I would be considered a part of this outrageous world, and I'm somewhat (not completely) relieved I've been outed! As a matter of fact, I thought Blog-Blond was in hiding--very comfortable in her closet in her black thigh high silk boots with no one even noticing my edge. My perceived image is I am a Blog Teacher sweetly handing out hot, juicy blog tips!

After all, I made sure that Blog-Blond's Header had a leopard-skin wrap COMPLETLY covering her butt! I perceived the Blondalicious as a Sexy Teacher yes! As a sex blog, well....no!

But then the Dirty Bitch Society had to go and out me, and so it is that I've been propelled into deep contemplation about this blog, such as:

Where Does Your Blog Go When You Die?

Does Some Blog Stuff Need To Remain Unsaid?

How Much Guppy Food Do You Need To FEED A Blog To Up Your Alexa Ratings?

Is Technorati Fair and Balanced like Fox?

Is Discretion The Better Part of Posting?

How Do I Behave As A Newly Outed Blog?

And so on and so forth with other such profound thoughts.

What a way to greet '08! Feedback, my dear class. Give me feedback. What KIND of blog is Blog-Blond anyway? Is she schizo? Weird? Kinky? Alluring? Suggestive? Smart? Helpful? Wayward? Negligent?

What do you think about this development, Mr. "Humor-blogs.com"?

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