Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Memed Again!

Class: I confess I've become a slacker teacher. I just can't seem to find my old edge and desire to teach and boss you around like I once did. Were it not for blog buddies, I might disappear into the anti-blogosphere (or maybe a parallel blogosphere). However, there is always at least one of you that always pulls me back to post again.

This time it's Mimi from Mimi Writes who tagged me for the Love-Hate Meme. And since she's the Blog Queen, I must obey! I can play submissive every now and then...

1. I LOVE TO EAT: Eggs Benedict for breakfast.

2. I HATE TO EAT: smiling cupcakes!

3. I LOVE TO GO: to the horse races. And place a bet or two. OR THREE!
4. I HATE TO GO: hang out with the polar bears. There's not enough ice left for all of us, plus it's way too cold for my hot blood. Brrr!

5. I LOVE IT WHEN: I'm invited to a forest, faery dance on the Full Moon. The faeries really know how to party!
6. I HATE IT WHEN: I'm not smelling roses. I love the fragrance from REAL roses, not hot-house roses that don't smell!
7. I LOVE TO SEE: my reflection. What would I do without mirrors? I'd have to RETURN to checking myself out in water again?! OMG!

8. I HATE TO SEE: photos and stories about cruelty to others, especially peaceful, loving monks!
9. I LOVE TO HEAR: I've got a gift from you....and I open the box to see a beautiful ring which of course is one of those diamonds that is "an ecologically and socially responsible jewelry alternative" from Green Karat. There's nothing as alluring as one who's generous, aware, and fair. 10. I HATE TO HEAR:

And I am tagging:

Dirty Bitch Society
Olga The Traveling Bra
Billion Dollar Baloney

And don't forget to check out "Humor-Blogs.com"!

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Posted by kuanyin333 at 9:58 AM


  • Blogger BillyWarhol posted at Tuesday, January 22, 2008  
    Are U Serious!!

    I thought I got into enuf Trubble on the Band Meme one Kuanyin!!

    I have to admit Getting Laid Backstage with U was a Dream come True!!

    ;)) xoxoxooooooooooooo

    Peace Baby*

    Honestly + this is a horrible thing to admit in Public but I actually have the Hots for yer Blog Avatar!!

    Why me Lord*

  • Blogger kuanyin333 posted at Wednesday, January 23, 2008  
    I know...I know...crazy, eh???
  • Blogger Mother Theresa posted at Thursday, January 24, 2008  
    Nice work on that meme, those are some great images you've got there. :)
  • Blogger fuzzbert_1999@yahoo.com posted at Friday, January 25, 2008  
    Love that "judge me by my page rank" cartoon...that hit home!
  • Blogger BillyWarhol posted at Friday, January 25, 2008  
    Well i got it Done!

    Altho I cheated a lil bit*

    Spank Me!!


    Thx fer thinkin' of Me Kuanyin*



  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Saturday, February 02, 2008  
    The Ophelia picture, number 7 is wonderful. Hope you don't mind I just stole it and will work into a beautiful rendition of love lost on a future blog post. ;)
  • Blogger Olga, the Traveling Bra posted at Tuesday, February 05, 2008  
    Oh jeez! I got tagged! Looks like I'll have to stay home from MAUI to work on it.

    (thanks - I'll get to it LATER!!)

    See you soon sweetie!

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