Saturday, February 23, 2008

Three Lessons I've Learned About Blogging While Recuperating

Class: I've heard the rumors I was abducted, but alas, they aren't true! I've simply been taking a restful holiday from educating my naughty students and replenishing myself for another go of posting. One of the many joys of blogging for me is the freedom: you can stop when you want to and begin when you want. How many other areas of your life can you say this about?!

If you're zero concerned about advertising revenue, fame, popularity, net statistics, or keeping an audience, then you're in the FREE-ZONE!

And that's where your Blondalicious Teacher is in--the Free-Zone! It's sweet, let me tell ya!

Certainly I've been checking-in and checking-up on the Blogosphere and observing much folly and work for what??? Dropping Entrecards? Comments? Audience-Smaudience! I've got a LIFE which I'm very happy to have, and I'm germinating all kinds of ideas and creativity within this life. One of these days I will get out there and crack the whip again.

Now that I've got this 'splanation off my extra large chest, here are Three Lessons I've Learned About Blogging:

1. If you want to become a HUGELY popular blogger, you need an angle or a niche. It also helps to be controversial and have a lot of friends who spread word of mouth about your blog. Case in point: Stuff White People Like

Notice this blog was only begun in January of 2008, and already there are hundreds of comments on each post. Notice the sidebar is free of most widgets and links. Notice the number of hits.

2. If you want to sell a book or a calendar or whatever from your blog, build your audience FIRST! Unless you've already built an audience, it's rather lame to start marketing from the get-go. You look rather desperate, and there's nothing a bigger turn-off than desperation. I won't use a desperate example of any blog here because I'm compassionate.

3. If you want to gain an audience and you're not an already famous pundit or celebrity or columnist, post photos, photos, and more photos! Too many words scare people away. Most blog-readers don't have time to read, but images capture their interest. If they like your images, they may slow down enough to read. Case in point: the blog Confessions of a Pioneer Woman

Notice the photos. They're everywhere. Of course, the writing is entertaining, but I'm convinced it's the photos which have made this blog super popular.

So there you have it in a nutshell: Create a niche blog. Hold off on the marketing until successful. Post lots of photos and/or images.

Over and out! Oh, "Mr.", congrats on your new enterprise.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blog-Blond Shares Valentine Love

Class: I've been a derelict teacher and m.i.a. Tis true! I've been dealing with Health Stuff and Spring Fever and Too Much of Everything and Blogging Boredom and Miracle Making and Blog Conspiraries and Britney Counseling. Whew! Bizzzy daze!

Once I get my s*** together again, I plan to rock on with this blog and give you MORE great blog tips & sassy, sexy humor!

Today I'm thinking of all you A+ students/bloggers/colleagues who have checked-in to see how their favorite teacher is faring--and I'm posting this YouTube link for all of ya!

Turn up the volume and KNOW your Blondalicious Teacher Will Return.

Take that to the bank, Mr. "".

Click here for the link.

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