Sunday, May 25, 2008

Twitter Gone Wild

Class, the phenomena of Twitter is astonishing and perhaps a bit over the top, dontcha think? I've been collecting apps for it for some time. However, today I read that Mashable has published many of the same ones I've been collecting and even MORE!

However, you Blondalicious Teacher has some that NOT EVEN Mashable has discovered, and here's why:

they haven't been invented yet!

So I'm gonna reveal to you, my beloved and super delicious students, MY own Twitter apps:

Twitterfunk: a group for those that are plum twittered out

Twittermirror: for those who want to find someone that mirrors them EXACTLY

Twittercircle: those who like to f***with Twitter and post the exact same thing over and over and over and over.....

Twittermania: ok, we know you brush your teeth, take a s***, and so what????

Twitterfeel: for those you'd like to feel up in a sensitive, supportive fashion

Twitterguns: hey, we know you've got the testosterone. Your power shows. Trust me!

Twitter-xiety: a back-up Twitter when Twitter is down--handy for your freak-outs

TweetGrope: for those that feel the need to share a twit group grope

Titter-twitter: laughing behind your back twitter-hood--super secret and private group

Not to be confused with:

Tit-twitter: an alert for those who tweet about the mammary glands...better known as b**bs

for burnt-out, ex Twitter-ers

Twebes: the cognoscenti of Twitter users

Twitter-gram: send an old-fashioned telegram to another Twitter user to blow their mind

Twit Tucks: don't even ask...simply use your intuition on this one

I'm submitting this to ""

Oh, here's the useful 140 Mashable Twitter Tools for you real Tool Bags.

Which includes (probably/maybe) you and me. Oh well!

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  • Blogger yj2828 posted at Wednesday, May 28, 2008  
    nice blog
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Thursday, June 05, 2008  
    ha ha I know. its insane the amount of twitter aides that are out there. I was looking for twitter scan or something, and had forgotten the name, I had to go thru so......... many freaking twit tweaks. lol
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