Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Long-Winded & Never-Ending Story

Class, your blondalicious teacher has yet another addiction she's confessing.

As if Plurk and Twitter and Facebook (especially the throwing things!) weren't bad enough, now there is a story.

Yes--it's a very, very LONG and complicated and increasingly strange story of which I'm hoping I can tweak it to make it even stranger. This is the lure for me: the love of weird stories, people, and things. They are simply so alluring.

The story is on Plurk, and I've added my input three times, and possibly before the night is over, who knows how many more twists I'll add to the story.

Here's the culprit who began the story: a dude who calls himself Mr. Gadget from Oz. With a moniker like this, no wonder I've been lured into this addiction. Actually, I don't blame him for my becoming addicted, nor do I blame the other addicted storytellers. This is way too much fun to blame anyone.

If you're inclined to join the rest of us addicts, here's the link.

But don't forget that I warned you about it being very addicting. Whatever you do, don't mix it with anything else like Grey Goose or Red Bull or....

I'm submitting this to "".

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