Friday, June 27, 2008

Three Online Things To Do When You Can't Sleep

Class: I'm gonna share my sleepy-time secrets with you today in case there are any of ya who find yourselves wide-awake in the wee hours of the morning and REALLY want to get back to sleep.

These three things/tricks work better than a sleeping pill or a warm glass of milk and hot chocolate chip cookies AND without drugs or calories.

Here are my three suggestions with Number Three being the VERY best:

First....if you haven't already joined Facebook, do so. Facebook is a great place to have in your bag of tricks. Ahem... branding.

When you can't sleep, go and add friends. There is something about the repetitious nature of this task which works like a miracle sleep aid. Since you can't read the profiles of these folks you're adding as friends until they've accepted your friendship, this mindless adding is so boring. It helpful if the friends you're adding are already friends with friends you have, and then you stand more of a chance of being accepted by them and you're not being viewed as some pervy predator or spammer. But that's beside the point. The idea is to make yourself drowsy.

This task is a numbers game that's better than playing solitaire. Keep adding friends until your head falls down on the keyboard.

Second, Stumble at lightening speed. Thumbs up anything and everything. Be a stumble slut. Don't stop to admire or read or watch anything whatever you do!

Third, and this is the BIGGIE: read all the blogs about how to make money online or posts which offer
HOT BLOGGING TIPS. These blogs and posts are some of the driest, least-juicy, least-enlightening, least instructional, least inspired, most insipid drivel you'll find on the net. This task win hands down as THE MOST sleep inducing thing you can do.

These money-making, blog-tips posts are so cookie-cutter they were spawned by the same borg mother--I'd make a bet on it. Usually all it takes for me to become sleepy is to read two or three of these posts, and I'm staggering to bed.

I'm submitting this to "".

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Posted by kuanyin333 at 11:33 AM


  • Blogger BillyWarhol posted at Friday, June 27, 2008  
    Funny Post Kuanyin + Bang On!!

    I arrived from Twitter + the comment saying have Twitter + Plurk killed Blogs was very interesting*

    I haven't been by to see a lot of my old MyBlogLog friendz cuz I mainly Surf Blogs with EntreCard* It's a Nice EZ way to get around + also Promote yer Blog* Also I find MBL to be deader than a Doornail now + BlogCatalog to be much Better*

    So have peeps attention spans for Blogs gotten down to the Micro-Gnat Level!!

    ;)) Peace*
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