Thursday, June 12, 2008

WT Plurk!

Class, I recently joined Plurk, the new micro-blogging kid on the block who is becoming competitive with Twitter. I don't know if this rivalry is gonna be like Coke and Pepsi, but I figured what the heck--it can't hurt, right?

However, I've been wondering what I'm accomplishing by Twittering or Plurking. Are these micro-blogging services benefiting me in any way whatsoever, or are they just massive time wasters like blogs? You've probably asked yourself the same thing gadzillion tradjillion times a second, right?!

Are these services merely toe-curling ego strokes for us? Does anyone care if I ate mangoes for breakfast or howled at the moon? Will faeries loose their wings if I don't twitter or plurk? (I stole this idea from Rich Minx by the way. So I should give her credit I suppose) Should I not be doing something more worthwhile like serving soup to the homeless at the local church? Or romping around in bed in my sexy lingerie with an randy partner?

Nevertheless, I offer you my Plurk Id should you wish to follow or friend me.

Then I'll be able to read every superficial, silly, trivial, meaningless detail of my naughty student's lives, and I will have even more reason to thwack with an elder branch--freshly picked of course for a delicious ceremonial spanking.

Of course, if you do friend or follow me, I'll receive Karma points, and perhaps I can redeem these when I finally meet St. Peter at the famous gate in the sky.

Don't all rush to comment at once.. I don't think my cat can take it!

I'm submitting this to "".

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  • Blogger Dette posted at Wednesday, June 25, 2008  
    lol - so glad you did!
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