Monday, July 21, 2008

Let's Play 'Using The Search Words'

Class, I've meant to write this post for a long time, and I don't know why I haven't done it before. I have interviews lined up to post here, but this post is demanding to be posted today. Yeh, that's right--it told me in no uncertain terms, "Post this Blondie! Or Else."

Something about that "Or Else" got my attention, ya know? It sounded kinda ominous. But maybe it's time I bring SEXY BACK to this blog!

So alright already...I'm posting it! Sheesh!

What is wanting to be posted you ask? It's most of (not all by any means!) the search words which have led others to my blog.

I hope my naughty students monitor the search words for their blogs because these can be helpful. You will then know why others stumble to your blog. Unfortunately, most of these searching souls came for the following subjects, not the blazing wit and hilarious (but dry) humor of your sexy, blondalicious teacher! Harrumph!

So here's what people googled or searched for and which led them to me:

blond sex, blonde blog, uni page, blond, blogwear, is blond right for me, 100 things to do when you can't sleep, blog de bust, i became my wife's love slave, sixpack blog, i promise no more alcohol, blonde sex photo, not blonde blog.

Which one is your favorite? I like the one "i became my wife's love sex slave".

Now I'm going to put them together in a story. Let's see how I can piece these together to make people wanna come back for more of my crazy blog humor.

Blond sex wasn't what I had in mind when I walked into the bedroom. But who was there waiting for me but Blonde Blog! She had an uni page blond haircut, and she was wearing a sheer, sexy blogwear outfit which was from her designer collection.

I asked myself, "Is blond right for me?" Well, maybe I told myself. She might come under the category of 100 things to do before I sleep. And her blog de bust was quite tantalizing!

Her recently published book was lying on the bedside table. The title, "i became my wife's love slave" gave me shivers up and down my spine. What did she have in mind for me? I know I have a sixpack blog, but dare I mix it up with someone who had confessed on the Jay Leno show, "I promise no more alcohol."

What if she would photograph me and post my photo online in a blonde sex photo? That wouldn't go over too good with my constinuency. I'd better play it cool.

"Not blonde blog!" I yelled as I ran from the room with a you know what!

There you have it, dear searchers. Did this story do it for you? If so, let me know by searching, and I'll gladly give you what you're looking for.

And I'm submitting this to "".

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dear Blogger Know-It-Alls

Class: it's often when I'm showering that ideas for blog posts come to me. Like today. I was happily washing my hair and not even thinking about posting when thoughts washed through me. I'm sharing some of the thoughts that didn't go down the drain with the soap and wondering if you've ever pondered some of these ideas. Maybe the Blogger Know-It-Alls can answer some of these questions?

Such as:

Recently the world's oldest blogger died at age 108. Her death made me think of all sorts of other blogging bests and records such as, "Has the blogger with the least comments died too? Or has the blogger blogging the longest time died? Has a blogger ever left a suicide post?" Is there a blogging fact book to discover the answers to my questions?

Then my mind wandered to these topics:

A friend told me she heard on the national news that prisoners were very big into blogging these days. Naturally, I wondered if any of my naughty students were said convicts, and how much were they learning from me while incarcerated? Is blogging helping them to become better adjusted? Do they twitter or plurk, or do they write long detailed blogs? Do they blog on Blackberries or iPhones? Or do they have to share computers?

And then these thoughts came to me:

There should be blog awards for the stupidest blogs, the creepiest blogs, the most boring blogs, the angriest blogs, the most egotistic blogger, the most...well, you get the picture! Now those awards would be something!

And my thoughts swerved into bizarro territory:

What clothes do successful bloggers wear? Are successful bloggers superstitious? Do very competitive bloggers wear talismans or hire voodoo queens to boost their rankings? Exactly HOW WEIRD are some bloggers and to what extent will they go to be the top blog dog?

And then my shower ended, and that's all I remember. Honest.

I'm submitting this to "".

Peace Out----

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chillin' and Surfing Blogs

Class, there are dayz when I just wanna surf and discover things on the net, and today's one of those dayz for me. I don't wanna make a big ol post or put up an interview (although a good one is in the works!), I just wanna sip my Cristal as I surf.

Ya know the feeling, right?

Here's some interesting links and stories I discovered today:

The first one I discovered via Bloggersblog via

Titled "Modest Website Is Behind A Bevy of Memes", click here to read it.

And this site interested me too:

Twingly, a new blog search engine

And this oldie post on Blogging Bits which was NEWS to me. I've never heard of re-tweeting before!

And then I surfed to this cool place to find the most fabulous Twits: Favrd

And FINALLY (actually there's more, but I wanna get back to my surfing!), there's this link to help you understand Plurk better: Mypleeps

Whooaaa...just writing all these links tuckered me out!

Back to grab another glass of the bubbly and reading and Second Life and Surfing!

Over and Out! And I'm submitting this to the "" site even though I'm unclear whether that is still the proper protocol with them.

Hey, before ya leave...check out the new re-design on this blog. Bettah, eh? You and I can both thank Heather of Goofy Girl Designs for the spiffy new look! Now you don't have to feel you're keeling over to the left as you read my posts since she righted me!

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Daily Chuckle

Class, here's a quickie for ya: The State of the Web: Summer 2008

Be sure to scroll down and read Renny's interview and keep your eyes open for my next interview.

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Interview With Renny--My Candidate For The Friendliest Blogger

Class: this is the second installment of my interviews with awesome bloggers, and this week I interview Renny from Norway of the blog RennyBA's Terella.

This is what Renny writes on his blog, "My Terella is about Norway and the Nordic countries: our culture, traditions, history, food and habits."

Renny's blog focuses on the Nordic countries, but Renny sure does travel the Blogosphere!! You can't miss him because he's everywhere!

Renny has sparkling mischief in his eyes, and the great goodwill in his heart reveals itself in the loving comments on other's posts. He really has the art of schmoozing down pat. Here's the definition of schmoozing in case my naughty students don't know: "To converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection."

In Renny's case, his schmoozing is used to make online connections and LOTS of them. He exemplifies 'hail-fellow-well-met", and I'm proud to call him a Blog Buddy. We can learn a lot from him, so Listen Up!


Blog-Blond: I'm impressed with your networking prowess and generosity in the Blogosphere. You take the time to get around and manage to comment on so many blogs. How much time do you spend every day networking and commenting on other blogs? Do you have a schedule where you rotate to different blogs or a list of your favourites? Are you a subscriber? Please share with us some wisdom on time management in the blogosphere.

RennyBA: Well, calling myself a network evangelist, I network all the time: professionally as well as in Blogsphere. Blogging is just a hobby and I probably spend three or four hours a day, posting, commenting and socializing at MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, FaceBook, Flickr, YouTube and such. I’m an always on person, so this happens through out the day as I never go anywhere without my computer. Keep in mind then that I seldom watch TV (if not on my computer then – news and sports from Norway when abroad!), other then from the corner of my eye as my laptop is always in the living room. I have a blogroll (about 80), and try to get through it to comment at least once a week. If I find new visitors, I try the best I can to return their favor. Seldom I subscribe, but use Google Reader to keep track of what’s going on in the world.

Blog-Blond: I read your blog received a travel award. What other honors have been bestowed upon your blog which I don't know about?

RennyBA: Thanks for asking: The most exciting was ‘European Best Blog’ for 2007. In 2006 I was awarded ‘Blogs of Summer’ and for a while I was on top for ‘Blogging to Fame’ last year. I might as well mention ‘The Power of Schmoozing’ and there are quite a few more. You’ll find them all on my Awards page.

Blog-Blond: You do a bang-up job writing about your country, the food, the people you hang with, and the places you travel. You've made a lot of friends through blogging and networking no doubt. How many of these online contacts have you actually met in real life? Do you or they attempt to make real-life contact, or do you mostly connect online?

RennyBA: I’ve met Charles (my blog designer) in Bergen, Norway and Mark moving from the Philippines to Oslo. Then David Gurteen; I met him professionally in my work at The Norwegian Computer Society as we both are networkers and share interest in Story Telling. I should also mention TorAa, who is a colleague in the IT business from Norway and maybe the most exciting: My blog friend Claudie has invited me to a Blog Gathering in south of France in August 2009 where we’ll meet a bunch of other blog friends too. I am also planning a similar gathering in Oslo summer 2010.

Blog-Blond: When you began blogging, were you one of the 'early adopters' in your crowd of friends? I know your lovely wife posts on her blog as well. Which one of you began blogging first, and how did the other one perceive the other's new blogging passion?

RennyBA: I started almost three years ago when I was giving a lecture at the Norwegian School of Management in modern communication. Blogging was one of the themes of course, and I wanted to give it a try myself. Then I was hooked. I was one of the first of my peers to start actively blogging.

My wife has always been very supportive of me and has helped me a lot – since my native tongue isn’t English, its great to have a proof reader to make it fluent, you know. I’ve been encouraging her to start her own for a long time, but she first decided to get serious about it in January 2008.

Blog-Blond: Do you use an iPhone or Blackberry to keep in touch when you're not near your computer? If so, what do you recommend for bloggers?

RennyBA: I stick to Nokia and have had plenty of models for over 10 years. I could use it to post on my blog or notes at FaceBook and of course to upload photos on Flickr as well as update my Twitter. But I’m seldom away from my computer, so mostly I do it from there. I very often use my Nokia mobile phone for taking pictures though – its always on my belt and since my blog is about my daily life, I often capture things impulsively during the day to illustrate my posts.

Blog-Blond: Which networking group (such as Facebook or Linked-In for example) has assisted you the most in your business? Have these contacts prospered your business? BTW, what is your business?

RennyBA: To me FaceBook is a social platform and of course I enjoy it a lot. However, LinkedIn is for business and with almost 1,000 contacts it enhances my business a lot, especially since I’m working on a European project called EUCIP (European Certification of Informatics Professionals). To make it short: ‘We are driving the IT-Professional competence in Europe’.

Blog-Blond: What kind of blogs do you read most often: business or personal blogs?

RennyBA: Surprisingly (to me too!), I don’t read many business blogs regularly. If so, most of them are about corporate blogging and how they influence on business, SEO or advance blog tools.

Blog-Blond: Share with us some favourite blogging tips.

RennyBA: Find your personal style, be honest, stick to the theme of your blog and give your readers something substantial– help them learn something and then they will come back. Some Link Love and tagging is great too, but let it be up to them to return the favour! Be polite: Reply on their comments and visit your commenter’s as well as be active in BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog and other bloggers communities.

Let me end with one of my sayings: ‘It’s a Givers Gain’ – the more you give of yourself, the more you get.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm A Second Life Love Slave

Class: did that headline catch your attention? I hoped it would, but sorry to say it's not true....yet! Other SL's would like me to play with them, but I'm still your basic newbie in Second Life stumbling around, losing things which get returned to me via Lost and Found, playing around with skins, and generally toughing it out until I'm finallyready to be a player who knows what the h*** she's doing.

With that said, I want you to know I'm attending the BlogHer Second Life event in July for the SECOND time! Yes, I'm gonna show up in my sparkling shoes and pink dress which showcases my butt and mix it up. Won't you join me? Here's the bling for my blog I grabbed:

BlogHer in Second Life

And here is a photo of a postcard I sent to myself when I was lost deep in thought at the very top of the Elven Pond after walking up a steep and winding rocky trail.

What was I thinking about you ask?

I'll tell you, and it goes something like this, "WTF! What's in this effing elven pond anyways? Are there midget elves looking up my skirt? Maybe there's a trick they're going to play on me like having a giant jump up from the bottom of this murky pond. And why is there smoke coming out of this old tree stump in the far distance? Maybe it's a chimney in disguise and there's an elven home directly beneath me, and they're laughing their a$e$ off at me right this very second as they realize I'm not wearing any panties. Maybe that purple flower is their wind generator to run their electricity. Maybe..."

You see--Second Life can make one a mite paranoid if you're all alone and exploring without knickers. However, I don't think anyone ever wears knickers in SL, and I don't recall ever seeing any for sale come to think of it. Then again, I haven't ever "Gone There" if you know what I mean, so maybe there are really such undergarments.

Ok....I'm quitting while I'm behind and submitting this to ""

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