Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm A Second Life Love Slave

Class: did that headline catch your attention? I hoped it would, but sorry to say it's not true....yet! Other SL's would like me to play with them, but I'm still your basic newbie in Second Life stumbling around, losing things which get returned to me via Lost and Found, playing around with skins, and generally toughing it out until I'm finallyready to be a player who knows what the h*** she's doing.

With that said, I want you to know I'm attending the BlogHer Second Life event in July for the SECOND time! Yes, I'm gonna show up in my sparkling shoes and pink dress which showcases my butt and mix it up. Won't you join me? Here's the bling for my blog I grabbed:

BlogHer in Second Life

And here is a photo of a postcard I sent to myself when I was lost deep in thought at the very top of the Elven Pond after walking up a steep and winding rocky trail.

What was I thinking about you ask?

I'll tell you, and it goes something like this, "WTF! What's in this effing elven pond anyways? Are there midget elves looking up my skirt? Maybe there's a trick they're going to play on me like having a giant jump up from the bottom of this murky pond. And why is there smoke coming out of this old tree stump in the far distance? Maybe it's a chimney in disguise and there's an elven home directly beneath me, and they're laughing their a$e$ off at me right this very second as they realize I'm not wearing any panties. Maybe that purple flower is their wind generator to run their electricity. Maybe..."

You see--Second Life can make one a mite paranoid if you're all alone and exploring without knickers. However, I don't think anyone ever wears knickers in SL, and I don't recall ever seeing any for sale come to think of it. Then again, I haven't ever "Gone There" if you know what I mean, so maybe there are really such undergarments.

Ok....I'm quitting while I'm behind and submitting this to ""

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  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Monday, July 07, 2008  
    I haven't dared to go in to SL, you see I made the mistake of being lured in to IMVU and my computer time has about trippled this summer. I am kind of hooked. I like decorating, dressing up, and once I fell into the computer it can take an amazing amount of lost time to get me out again!! Fortunately being married to a blog a holic he doesn't seem to notice when my nose is in the PC, actually he's probably grateful for the company.
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