Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blog-Blond Runs For President

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

East of Microblogs--West of Second Life

Dear Class,

Once again you've shown up for your teacher, but she didn't show up for you. I've noticed your visits with the aid of Stat Counter, and I've been feeling more and more guilty about not updating and posting to inform of my whereabouts.

So guilty that today I'm writing you a belated apology letter!

I've been an irregular blogging teacher posting from the very beginning with Blog-Blond. You've witnessed this irregularity, and you've tolerated my lackadaisical approach to sharing hot blog tips laced with saucy, sassy humor. You've been GOOD to me, even if you often failed to leave comments.(Ye olde guilte trype! Gotta throw it in!)

Many of my naughty students prefer emailing me instead which is khewl. I don't reply to ALL emails, but I truly enjoy and appreciate receiving them. Some I even print out to let my dog chew. He says they're very tasty.

The reasons why I've been m.i.a. are listed below in random order:

  1. I've fallen in love with microblogs (Twitter, Plurk, Pownce, etc.) because they're fast and easy like an afternoon delight. If I'm super busy, I use to post to all my microblogs in one message. Admitted, there is nothing profound conveyed in these messages, but just the same, posting on them gets my ya-ya's out. And my ya-ya's really need to get out!!!
  2. I've also fallen MORE in love with Second Life and have been spending time there perfecting my Second Life skills, bonding with a group of SL friends, shopping, exploring, and one of these fine days will finally build a virtual home. The photo above is my avatar in one of her many skins and costumes. And yes, I'm glad you noticed--I'm a brunette in SL which is amazingly less complicated than being a blond! I purchased an expensive blond 'skin' (a SL term) but have yet to wear it because I'm experiencing too much joy as a brunette. Who sez blond's have more fun? I've been rocking the grrlpower in SL, and blogs are so boring by comparison.
  3. Exercise and attention to my health and well-being are required. After two years posting on 11 blogs and feeling the self-imposed obligation to post at least three or more times a week on all of them, I've become more than a little burned out! Even when traveling, I've usually posted on some of them--such was my dedication---err, addiction!
  4. The book I began writing prior to becoming a blog addict isn't completed , and I've now resumed the task of writing the remaining chapters. When it's published either as an e-book or RL book, I'll let ya know! I'm sure you'll want to read this one---HOT, HOT, HOT!
And FINALLY, my BEST excuse/alibi/reason is: there are much better blog teacher/tipsters than myself, your Blondalicious Teacher. These bloggers write amazing posts and are REALLY into their craft and at the top of their game!

Since they're so REALLY into it (and I'm not at this point), their posts should be shared with ya'll just in case you missed them.

Here's the links from recent posts which are very worthy and educational:

"12 Tips For Identifying Web 2.0 Scams"

"Are You Trustworthy?" by Sonia Simone

"What Makes For A Good Blog"

"The Naturals"

And I'm submitting this to "" because that's the way I roll.

Forever yours in the Blogosphere,

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What We Say To Other Bloggers

Class, I'll make this post short and sweet because my time is limited these Dog Daze of August as I prepare for YET another vacation!

Here's this week's KISS blog tips:

  • Let your readers know they're important. Point your finger at them--but only use your index finger, never your middle finger.

  • Pictures are more important than words in blogs.

  • Are you talking your target blogger language?

  • Keep lots of space between sentences.

You can read more on this topic in the post "Does Your Content Work for an Aging Population?" by James Chartrand. Click here for his tips.

I'm submitting this post to ""

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Interview With Aussie Blogger Sue

Class: I'm back to share another great interview with the well-known and popular Aussie blogger Sueblimely.

Sue and I met online when she answered my ad for a guest blogger, and she wrote the most masterful and thorough post about No Follow I've ever read. You can read her guest post of June 26, 2007 titled "No Follow--No Good for Bloggers" here.

So Listen Up and Learn today!

Sue's always on top of the latest news about blogging and what's going on in the Blogosphere, and she's zero a slacker teacher who cavorts around like..ahem, yours truly, the blondalicious Blog-Blond.

No, Sueblimely is on top of things even if she lives Down Under. (Corny joke I know--forgive me as I'm doing a layover!)

Sue's a blogger who knows how to GIVE and assist other bloggers, and this is one of the many reasons she's so successful methinks.

Thorough posts which are easy to understand with consistent posting have made her a super successful pro blogger! Plus check out her adorable face. Who wouldn't want a blogging teacher like this?!


Blog-Blond: As a blogger who primarily blogs about the subject of blogging, what drew you to this subject matter in the first place?

Sueblimely: I had been blogging for a while before I got onto the subject itself, firstly privately with a photo blog to keep overseas family and friends up to date with the the progress of my three kids, who gave me a lot to bleat about. This was followed by a public blog about web design. It was then that I realized the social aspects involved in blogging and my interest grew; from a personal aspect and interest likely fueled by a background in Sociology/Social Psychology. I knew there were already a lot of blogs about making money or making the big time but there seemed to be much less for the masses of bloggers who write for pleasure and leisure, friendship and support.

Blog-Blond: You've received an award for being one of the top Australian bloggers. Are there more awards you've received that I don't know of, and if so, what are they? How long did it take you to see recognition in the blogging field?

Sueblimely: Yes I am currently in the top 20 in a top Australian bloggers list and top 10 in the Australian Women's bloggers list. I was delighted to be included in the top 100 of two different international lists recently. My blog has been going since Jan 2006 firstly using blogspot and now self hosted Wordpress.

Blog-Blond: Are you more connected to Australian bloggers, or do you consider yourself a global blogger?

Sueblimely: Since being involved with the Aussie Bloggers Forum ( forum and blog from its start at the end of last year, I have connected much more with Australian bloggers for social reasons but my writing rarely relates purely to the Australian blogging scene. Being in contact with people from around the world helps alleviate the symptoms of a travel bug that infected me when I first ventured overseas alone, at the age of 15. This was before my travels led me from England to live permanently in Australia.

Blog-Blond: Share with the readers some tips to stand-out from the sea of bloggers and carve a name for themselves.

Sueblimely: Much of the advice I would give is pretty standard stuff - write well and regularly and connect with other bloggers through comments and social networks. What I do not see often is advice relating to enjoyment in blogging. Work out what is most important to you: is your main aim to become widely popular, to earn money or are you happier with a smaller readership made up of people you are closer to? The first two take a lot of time, effort and "social Networking". Tasks may become tedious and you may be discouraged by lack of results. The latter places emphasis on " Social networking"; connecting with others for more personal reasons. Whatever the reasons you blog, if it starts to become a chore, sit back and think why it has happened and what you need to do to bring the fun back into it. Read any blogging advice with your own needs in mind. I blog about new blog tools and social networks but do not say they are a must to join. I try them out myself but only to see what they are about and to report on them; concentrating my own efforts on only a few. I am personally not keen on Digg but enjoy Stumbleupon because it is more social and I come across more content that interests me. (I like the photos too).

Blog-Blond: Do you participate very much in micro-blogging? And if so, which ones? Which one is your favorite?

Sueblimely: Not as much as I would like as I find it too time consuming. If I am busy I now keep any microblogging tools closed so as not to get distracted. I am an expert at going off track - I should write a blog about how to not stay focussed. I use Twitter and get email updates via Friendfeed, which I rarely find time to read. When I have more time I want to explore Plurk further - Twitter bugs me with its glitches, very basic interface and letter count restrictions.

Blog-Blond: How much time do you invest in a post? Do you spend much time editing your posts?

Sueblimely: The time varies considerably depending on the topic. My recent post on free stock image sites took me many hours, spread over a couple of weeks, because of the research and detail needed. I am just not satisfied unless I know I have been thorough in my own research and do not want to churn out things that have been done by others. On occasion I come across topics that I feel an urge to write about there and then and will knock those out quickly. I take lots of notes on the more involved topics and, when it comes to writing, I already have a good idea about what I am going to say so the editing does not take long. (I hope it does not show).

Blog-Blond: Have you attended blog parties, blog get-togethers or conferences? If so, what did you learn? What were the benefits?

Sueblimely: I have attended none of these although if I was in closer proximity to BlogHer I would be there. It would be good to meet you and others I have come to know only online.

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