Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What We Say To Other Bloggers

Class, I'll make this post short and sweet because my time is limited these Dog Daze of August as I prepare for YET another vacation!

Here's this week's KISS blog tips:

  • Let your readers know they're important. Point your finger at them--but only use your index finger, never your middle finger.

  • Pictures are more important than words in blogs.

  • Are you talking your target blogger language?

  • Keep lots of space between sentences.

You can read more on this topic in the post "Does Your Content Work for an Aging Population?" by James Chartrand. Click here for his tips.

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Posted by kuanyin333 at 3:31 PM


  • Blogger BillyWarhol posted at Wednesday, August 13, 2008  
    I just wanna meet Hot Blondies Blogging!!

    or any Hair Colour fer dat matter*


    I agree with U on da Pictures part + I highly recommend Flickr which can be used by Every Blogger to get some Exciting Visual Images into their Posts + also Great Source of Blogging Inspiration*

  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Sunday, August 17, 2008  
    Are you listening?

    * Point taken ;-)
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Monday, August 18, 2008  
    Shit...Im doing it it all wrong then...
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Thursday, August 21, 2008  




    Dang, it doesn't work.

    Have a great vacation sweety!
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Friday, August 22, 2008  
    "...Pictures are more important than words in blogs... " I'm agree with you. If we will look in statistics, we'll see that more peoople come from google or other search machines through images. :)
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Tuesday, October 07, 2008  
    My goodness, this is one of my favorite comics of all time, and I like how you used it to make your point. Wonderful stuff!
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