Sunday, October 19, 2008

Does Your Blog Have Legs?

Class: I'm here to share a hot blog tip: kick back and rest when you're feeling the beginnning of blog burn-out.

Kicking back is what your blondalicious teacher does quite often, and even though I may loose some readers because I'm not always posting, I don't loose myself. Not loosing myself is a much higher priority for me! I really like not having to go around looking for myself--it's much more convenient to find myself where I left myself.

Are ya feeling overwhelmed by too much email, social media contacts, and obligations? Then welcome to the crowd!

Overwhelm and blog-burnout is very common these days with the frenzied social swirl of Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Stumbleupon, Pownce, and MyBlogLog to name a few.

Here's some suggestions:

Focus on what makes your smile


Establish boundaries

Try something new

Make really silly videos. (I've been doing this and LMAO!)

Find some other kind-hearted soul to post on your blog or have guest bloggers

Post ONLY after you've rejuvenated and healed. Never ever post when drunk or high or feeling guilty or obligated or angry or desperate or...

If you follow my suggestions and perservere, your blog will acquire legs. Maybe not as beautiful as legs as these, but legs of some sort.

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  • Blogger Carlos Lorenzo posted at Wednesday, October 29, 2008  
    Oh what beautiful legs!!! Oh sorry, I digress. Wasn't that the topic here? ;) Seriously, these tips that may appear at a humor site, are quite serious stuff and as true as Newton laws. Of course we learn that after two or three years blogging. So if you are a new blogger and are fortunate enough to read this, follow in the blond teacher steps. Oh, that tip about getting high and blogging, how, how did you know I was drinking? Hmm you must have some power, some special gift, I am sure. :) Greetings!
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Thursday, October 30, 2008  
    So you think I was drunk when I did my last post?!? I was not, but just inspired ;-)

    Other than that, you give some great advices here!
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Thursday, October 30, 2008  
    Can I add to the never post times - do not post when you are myspaced out, off your facebook or feeling like a Twit.

    Maybe I should add - do not comment when you feel like writing silly puns.
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