Thursday, October 02, 2008

Straight From The Horse's Mouth

Class: your blondalicious teacher has been away rejuvenating and enjoying her time NOT being the Best Lil Blog Teacher In The West.

And I've been trying to get back in the blog saddle again and ride on in here with some hot, juicy blog tips, BUT other stuff has been keeping me busy. Simple as that!

You can always find me on Flickr, Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, Digg, Tumblr, and other blogs if you really need your Blog-Blond fix.

Blog-Blond must look like an absentee teacher as the spammers have been the only ones making comments! Give it up guys! I might let one spam comment sneak by me for the fun of it, but more than that, and I'll crack the whip!

I'd like to share this "Don't Vote" video with ya'll though because it's funny and truthful and powerful.

And I'll continue doing what I've always done: showing up here whenever I feel like it.

This post will be going-up on "" even though it's not very funny.

Then again...funny is kinda weird these days, isn't it?

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

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Posted by kuanyin333 at 6:11 PM


  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Friday, October 03, 2008  
    Good thing your back in the saddle again!

    Believe me I don't vote - I can't even - I'm a Norwegian you know :-)
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Friday, October 03, 2008  
    Yiiiihaaaa! *swinging my lasso here*

    Got ya!

    Well, funny enough, I can found things funny that others don't. At all. *giggles*

    That's the beauty of it :-)
  • Blogger Chris Castanes posted at Friday, October 03, 2008  
    vote for no one? word
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