Monday, December 01, 2008

Blondie Bails On Blogging

Class, I'm flabbergasted. It seems my substitute teacher Blondie has become a SUPERSTAR, and when I left a message on her answering machine inquiring why she had neglected last week's post, she texted me she was 2 bzy.

BUT she promised me she would return next week to give ya some hot blog tips. I know she's good for it because I have 'something' on her which I might possibly leak to Buzzfeed.

In the meantime, someone sent me a photo of Blondie on a t-shirt. Apparently Blondie is HOT HOT HOT , and all the Hollywood babes are wearing her likeness on a t-shirt!So once again, your blondalicious teacher has to step up to the plate and deliver the goods when she'd rather be lazing around. I have ONLY one blog tip this week, so Listen Up!

Line up more than ONE substitute blogger to post for you. Have a couple of back-ups because once a blogger becomes famous, they'd rather twitter or plurk or text or hawk t-shirts to the rich and famous or show up at clubs or host Extra.

Maybe this Blog-Blond blog is a fast-track to superstardom? And so I'm putting it out to those who would like to guest-post, email me.

Who knows--maybe your mug will be the next hot one?!

This is going up on "".

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Posted by kuanyin333 at 4:16 PM


  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Friday, December 05, 2008  
    Kuanyin, I need a blog substitute - are you a voluntary? ;-)
  • Blogger Speedcat Hollydale posted at Monday, December 08, 2008  
    plurk?? Are we sposta plurk?

    One more social interactive site for me and my brain would implode under the pressure of 1000 suns.

    Guest hosting ... blogging? I like that idea, but most fear my post. I see you at Twitter - so you must be real. "Thoughts with Speedy"
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Tuesday, December 09, 2008  
    Wow! Really awesome post! :)
  • Blogger J.D. Meier posted at Wednesday, December 24, 2008  
    Treat people right on the way up. They're the same people you see on the way down, right?
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