Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Confused About Social Networking?

Class, this is another one of my famous quickie posts. I wanted to add my two cents to the current debate about social networking, the pros and cons. There have been many blog posts written on this subject matter in recent months since the mad growth of Facebook and Twitter.

If you're questioning whether to jump into social networking, here are my hot social networking tips:

1. You don't need to spend hours and hours on end at these locations. Stick your big toe in the social networking waters and explore little by little. Pick one and begin from there. If you don't like it, pick another. There are plenty to choose from, and each has their own advantages and lures. My inner teenager likes Plurk because of the funny icons and the abundance of Second Lifers using this site.

Your blondalicious teacher doesn't let her precious time get sucked by these sites and doesn't respond to EVERY game, suggestion, invitation, response, or seductive trick. Be selective, discerning, and monitor your time.

Of course, your blondalicious teacher floats everywhere, but that's just me: curious and insatiable.

2. Email isn't where the action is these days. Read Write Web posted the latest research about this subject titled, "Social Networking Now More Popular Than Email, Report Finds." So if you really wanna find out what's going on and get off the bench, social networking is the place to hang.

3. You're zero obliged to give your legitimate name. Use a handle as do many wise ones. When you're running around the Big Wide World of Social Networks, handles are far bettah because you'll encounter everything under the sun and then some on these social networks. Once again, be discerning, cautious, and street smart.

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Posted by kuanyin333 at 1:38 PM


  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Tuesday, March 10, 2009  
    Well said from an experienced Lady!

    You might like to read my lesson too :-)
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at Friday, March 13, 2009  
    Very true! I can only nod :-)
  • Blogger TheManOfNotts posted at Friday, March 13, 2009  
    Nice One and nice to meet you. Have to say that's most helpful. I've gone on to twitter.....and 5 hours later i'm still there....twitting.

    Definitely a need to be cautious and frugal with the usage.Cheers.
  • Blogger Lisa Brower posted at Tuesday, March 17, 2009  
    I set up a MySpace and Twitter with my blog, they are addictive!
  • Blogger JustMOi posted at Thursday, April 09, 2009  
    very interesting and helpful... GOD! facebook and twitter are so addicting!
  • Blogger Shinygrape posted at Thursday, April 16, 2009  
    I started off on livejournal back in 2000 and I thought it was too hard to make new friends.

    I then migrated to Friendster probably around 2002, until I started getting nothing but solicitations for mail-order brides from overseas.

    Then MySpace - oh, those were good times! I freaking started an entire arts organization using MySpace alone, and got 12,000 new hits per month to my blog when one of my films got featured on the front page. I met SO many new people, until about a year ago when it got totally Spammy, Porny, and Addy. What a shame!

    I am into Facebook now, although that is more for "people you already know".

    Trying Twitter as well for the amazing search functions - it has worked for my arts organization, but not so much for me as an individual writer. Heck, I couldn't even decide between Blogger & Wordpress until a few weeks ago *moved everything to WP because the SEO seems to be better - hope it wasn't a mistake.

    Don't you wish there was just ONE freaking place???
  • Anonymous Annuity Ratings posted at Monday, June 15, 2009  
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  • Blogger Michael Scott posted at Monday, September 07, 2009  
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  • Anonymous Seriously WTF posted at Tuesday, December 15, 2009  
    Being in my late 20's I wish more of my friends used social networking. It really is something thats lost on my generation and up.
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  • Anonymous Seo Agency posted at Monday, July 18, 2011  
    Great tips; social networking sites are fun and you can meet lots of friends that way. Another tip is to use different nicknames on each network; otherwise people can google you and find all of your networks.
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