Monday, July 27, 2009

How To Do Blogs Right

Yes, Class, it's ME, the notorious Blog-Blond, your very own blondalicious blog teacher returned from her travels! I'm sure you're weary of hearing alibis for my absence here, so I'll spare you by not giving any. I'll let the caption above speak for me!

My topic today is How To Do Blogs Right.

Rather than blather on about how wrong & boring & stupid & insipid & copycat & sloppy many blogs are, I've decided to focus on blogs that are doing it right!

In forthcoming posts I'll give examples of blogs which are doing it RIGHT and grade them, and thus, *perhaps* you'll learn! (Yes, I know, Blog-Blond could use a make-over too, so don't even go there with me! All in due time. Patience, my little ones. Patience!)

The first blog I've selected for you to examine is Garance Dore.

Now this may sound like a strange name to some of ya, but that's because it's French. I don't know these folks, so there's zero kick back! Sheesh! What kind of teacher do you think I am? I'm certainly not one of those money-grubbing ones who'll try and sell ya an e-book full of garbage for $19.95! I'm more like your secret addiction. Yeh, that's it! I know!

Here's 10 reasons why your blondalicious teacher gives Garance Dore an A+
  1. You can read the blog in BOTH French and English.
  2. The layout is clean & crisp with lots of white space.
  3. The date is easy to see at the top.
  4. The photos are BIG.
  5. It's simple and easy to read. The categories are listed at the top and easy to find.
  6. The author's writing style reeks of personality, exuberance, and authenticity.
  7. Need I add: this blog is stylish!
  8. There are zero typos and/or obvious mistakes.
  9. The advertising by Vogue is subtle and non-intrusive.
  10. The latest tweet is on the sidebar.

I'm adding this to the one and only "Humor Blogs".

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  • Anonymous RennyBA's Terella posted at Friday, August 14, 2009  
    Interesting analyses - there is always a tip or two to pick up from you and I try the best to follow :-)
  • Anonymous J.D. Meier posted at Monday, December 14, 2009  
    Doing it right is the way to go.

    Quality pays off in the long run.
  • Blogger Unknown posted at Saturday, August 21, 2010  
    I'm liking your tips. Liking them. I consider myself a humor blogger, but perhaps I'm being vain. Oh to the well! I LOVE finding other humor bloggers! It seems like I mostly find "mommy bloggers" as I am a mom, I guess. I hardly ever write about my children. Anyway, I thought those tips you gave at the end of this post were very helpful! I especially liked the part about liking a blog that does not have too many grammatical/spelling errors. I didn't follow two blogs recently because one spelled "advice" with an /s/ and the other one spelled "lose" with an extra /o/. Oh to the no. See YOU later, lame blogs. Again, thanks for tips. I'll be back!
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