Friday, August 14, 2009

What I Did This Summer

Class, I'm interviewing myself about what I did this summer since I'll ask much juicier questions. Finally, you'll know!

Listen Up and read up on what your scandalous, blondalicious teacher REALLY did this summer!

FYI: Blog-Blond is a HUMOR blog disguised as a blog school for those who just surfed here. If my answers are too much for you to handle, remember this important detail. That's all. Grow up.

You just got back from vacation? Where were you?

Paris of course! I always run to Paris when I have a hot, new lover as this is THE best city for folly and fooling around. Then we moved on to Ibiza for even more folly.

What else have you been up to this summer?

I just completed my second Squidoo lens about fashion and style.
I call it "Best Fashion and Style Photo Blogs."

When I was super young, I I know the fashion world well. I still like to keep up with fashion. Many of my dearest friends swim in this exciting, shark- infested world.

Many people don't get fashion--they judge fashion as superficial. But this is a deception.

Fashion and style mafias rule the world, dontcha know? Most people are ill informed on this subject, and they think oil and big pharma rule. They're sadly mistaken...the biggest wars are Image Wars.

My walk-in closet is very well-organized, and I've got a great collection of hand bags from around the world. They're my main collectible. Most of these have been gifted to me, and some are one of a kind.

I also spent time on roller coasters. Roller coasters are a lot like my blogging habit: up and down and around and guaranteed to get my heart racing when I finally sit down to write/embellish/lie/bs/fib.

What do you like to do to unwind?

I cook up a storm. My stove has had it though, and I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new one I ordered which has an easy-clean bottom so that when something flops when it shouldn't flop, I won't have to clean up the mess around the coils. This easy cleaning feature was the deal breaker. My dishes have been known to flop like my jokes. Just kidding., I'm not.

Do you enjoy twittering?

Absolutely NOT-- Twitter has been taken-over by spammers and celebrities and quotation freak-a-zoids. I include myself in this last category because quotes are easy and friendly. (I'm quite sure I'm offending my twits as I write this, but REMEMBER this is a humor blog!) In truth, I've met some awesome twits through Twitter, and I'm extremely grateful for Twitter. Does this last sentence read *nicer*? Ha!

I see you've hooked up your Stumbleupon and Friendfeed account to Twitter.

This is a huge time-saver for me. Now I can keep my Twitter frequently updated. I advise all lazy or busy twits to do the same. See, I just gave you a hot twitter tip!

Do you have anything else useful to share?

Life is short. Live in the Now! Laugh often. Be kind. Dance and sing and play and don't take everything so seriously.

For my fellow ministers/fans/stalkers, I found an image just for you:

This post will go on "".

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