Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What I Wore Today--Blog-Blond Style

Class: Have you seen or contributed to the oh-so-popular "What I Wore Today" meme?

If not, check this meme out. It's quite fun in a silly, girly way. Flickr even has a group for it.

Because your very own blondalicious teacher is something of a 'silly girl', I decided to do a collage of my very own "What I Wore Today" because so many of you email me and ask me what I wear--especially what I wear when I post drunk.

Because your teach was once again 'hammered' when I scanned my collage, it came out tipped to one side. That's what happens when you're tipsy. Don't make my mistake, ya hear!

This collage is an ode to conspicuous consumption, and there is a very profound meaning to the watch placed over my head. (Hiccup!)

I had to add my pet lion, Ginger, in a separate scan because I screwed up when I was scanning. Ginger is my fav fashion accessory of the moment...much better than a yappy chihuahua. Eh?

Betcha didn't know your blondaliciou teacher is much more than a humorist--did ya? I don't spend all my time on Tumblr. I also shop from time to time. Check out my Squidoo here and here.

What do you think about What I Wore Today?????

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