Monday, September 26, 2011

High Five Fiverrs

Class: I've returned to laud the praises of my newest passion: Fiverr.

As you know from following my Tumblr Blog "Booyah", I adore the weird, the bizarre, and the outrageous.

However, as you also know your blondalicious teacher is easily bored!

Thus, I've plowed my way through many a humor blogger, conspiracy website & forums, games, Flickr, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Plurk, tumblr, etc. etc. etc.

I suppose it all began with eBay. There was a lot of JUNK and STUFF there which kept me amused & titillated for a period of time, but alas, I grew weary of buying & bidding--especially when I usually win!

So it is with great delight to discover the bargain basement of yummy weirdness called Fiverr--and these treats and gifts are offered for ONLY five dollars!

I adore the weirdness of the offerings, but thus far, I've refrained from purchasing anything. After all, I really don't need anything as I'm already rich, beautiful, healthy, and famous. (alert: total B.S. Actually I'm retarded, lonely and write this from my prison cell. Errr....ok, neither of these are true. But so what?!) But I digress...

If you want to have some laughs or waste more internetz time, then I suggest Fiverr.

Who knows...maybe I'll join and have my pet lion (see earlier post!) have your logo sign carried by him as he hunts down his quarry.

It'll be messy but memorable marketing!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Are Bloggers More Likely To Have Sex On A First Date??

Class: I stumbled a news story today on my StumbleUpon page which made me pause and go 'hmmmmm'.

The article stated that as a result of a survey done by a UK dating service they have determined that overweight women & athletic men are more likely to have sex on a first date.

And what about bloggers I asked myself?

Maybe we should break this down a bit as there are many kinds of bloggers.

Would an overweight athletic lesbian blogger be more likely to have sex on the first date? Would a whacko humor blogger be more game to get it on? And what about an educated bicycling male blogger who wears a furry animal headdress and dances around the house dressed in a cape made from lettuce leaves?

I have so many questions now that I've read this research.

And what are your thoughts about bloggers?

Are we easy or queasy about sex on a first date?

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Friday, September 09, 2011

Blog Naked

Class: Michael J. Fox recently spoke The Truth on Letterman when he said this about show business:

Fox said, "Show business: We're all here because we're not all there!"

The same can equally be said about blogging because we're a form of show biz.

Some of us bloggers are Already Gone if you know what I mean. :-)

Ya see, my naughty students, the more outrageous, the more transparent, the more NAKED you are in your posts, the more you take risks and speak in your own authentic voice, the more you thumb your nose at MEDIOCRITY, then you are much more intriguing to me and others.

Boring blogs are proliferating at an exponential rate. It's almost more fun to read the news these days. Almost.

My lesson today is to undress... and to re-dress this increasing trend to boring posts. BLOG NAKED puhlease!!!!

Give some sass. But don't be an a$$.

And don't forget to subscribe to my daily updated funny Tumbler Booyah.

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