Monday, September 12, 2011

Are Bloggers More Likely To Have Sex On A First Date??

Class: I stumbled a news story today on my StumbleUpon page which made me pause and go 'hmmmmm'.

The article stated that as a result of a survey done by a UK dating service they have determined that overweight women & athletic men are more likely to have sex on a first date.

And what about bloggers I asked myself?

Maybe we should break this down a bit as there are many kinds of bloggers.

Would an overweight athletic lesbian blogger be more likely to have sex on the first date? Would a whacko humor blogger be more game to get it on? And what about an educated bicycling male blogger who wears a furry animal headdress and dances around the house dressed in a cape made from lettuce leaves?

I have so many questions now that I've read this research.

And what are your thoughts about bloggers?

Are we easy or queasy about sex on a first date?

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Posted by kuanyin333 at 7:49 PM


  • Anonymous alicia posted at Wednesday, September 21, 2011  
    quite funny post , i really enjoy it .
  • Blogger Paste Eater Club posted at Monday, September 26, 2011  
    Not sure if Bloggers are more likely to have sex on first date, but am sure they will Blog about it in a way that makes them feel better.
    If you do and you don't want the world to think you are a slut, then "Date went wonderful, he/she is thoughtful and cares about my feelings. If you don't and you really wanted to, then "yea, we did it".
    More important, what would a blogger post, to get sex. My go to is: "I'm going to tell everyone we did it, so you might as well be there".
  • Blogger kuanyin333 posted at Monday, September 26, 2011  
    Dearest P.E.C.,

    Finally a comment which makes a certain sense. Move to the first row. I wish to examine you more closely. You're a rarity.


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