Monday, September 26, 2011

High Five Fiverrs

Class: I've returned to laud the praises of my newest passion: Fiverr.

As you know from following my Tumblr Blog "Booyah", I adore the weird, the bizarre, and the outrageous.

However, as you also know your blondalicious teacher is easily bored!

Thus, I've plowed my way through many a humor blogger, conspiracy website & forums, games, Flickr, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Plurk, tumblr, etc. etc. etc.

I suppose it all began with eBay. There was a lot of JUNK and STUFF there which kept me amused & titillated for a period of time, but alas, I grew weary of buying & bidding--especially when I usually win!

So it is with great delight to discover the bargain basement of yummy weirdness called Fiverr--and these treats and gifts are offered for ONLY five dollars!

I adore the weirdness of the offerings, but thus far, I've refrained from purchasing anything. After all, I really don't need anything as I'm already rich, beautiful, healthy, and famous. (alert: total B.S. Actually I'm retarded, lonely and write this from my prison cell. Errr....ok, neither of these are true. But so what?!) But I digress...

If you want to have some laughs or waste more internetz time, then I suggest Fiverr.

Who knows...maybe I'll join and have my pet lion (see earlier post!) have your logo sign carried by him as he hunts down his quarry.

It'll be messy but memorable marketing!

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Posted by kuanyin333 at 5:41 PM


  • Blogger Paste Eater Club posted at Tuesday, September 27, 2011  
    Noooooo!!!! Don't Do it!!!!
    This sight will suck you into a time warp. You will not eat, sleep or shower for days. Unless your computer has scent meter, that automatically shuts you down when you smell like ass (currently developing software).
    Your eyes will dry out from staring at all the people that will whore themselves out for five bucks. I am waiting for the "will kick you in the balls for five dollars".
    Now excuse me while I shower.
  • Anonymous realizzazione siti internet posted at Monday, October 24, 2011  
    good idea!
  • Blogger Rottman posted at Thursday, May 03, 2012  
    LOL, you have no idea what obsession means until you've met me! I admit, first day I stumbled upon the fiverr facebook (which of course, lead me to the actual site) I slept only 2 hours that night. I just got so caught in with all the weird things people are willing to so for 5 bucks! I couldn't stop laughing and in the end found myself ordering a few short videos and a photo of the cutest puppy ever holding a card with my site's name. Ah! So adorable :)
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