Thursday, November 03, 2011

Strange Girls--Strange Days

Class: As you know by now, I'm proud to be your STRANGE teacher.

And I promise you I'll continue to be your STRANGEST most blondalicious teacher offering you the most brilliant & stupid blog tips ever! Demented, bizarre, eccentric and unpredictable---these are accolades to me!

Today I'm going to answer some of your email questions--I hope they offer you edification as well as satisfy your curiosity about me.

Q: Why didn't you post my comment linking to my blog?
A: Spammers aren't tolerated in my class, unless they afford me mirth & most don't.

Q: Why don't you put advertising on your blog?
A: Way too messy for chump change. (But that may change...)

Q: Who is your favorite humor blogger?
A: Without a doubt the Bloggess is the goddess in this genre. But dontcha tell her I said so--she's already got a Mother Teresa complex. Enough already with her delusions of grandeur.

Q: Do you really drink that much?
A: Only on Fridays, Saturdays and Wednesdays. Who in their right mind could write
a post like this without help from the devil water? *oh, waiter---bring another round for us!*

Q: When is your memoir going to be released?
A: Once it's published, and that's not easy these days with the publishing biz in disarray. The good ol boyz hog the lucrative contracts. The good news is this breed is dying. May they rest in peace sooner than later.

Q: What do you watch on tv?
A: Stephen Colbert & John Stewart are my favorite comic hunks.

Q: Who inspires you?
A: My Mother who gave birth to me all alone as a teenage runaway mom by an isolated lake late at night. This story will be in my memoirs--very touching stuff.

That's all for now! Don't forget to check the weird & wonderful stuff I post every day on my Tumblr blog Booyah.

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